TOP 5 Things to do with Your Dog in Singapore - Wet Nose Escapades (2023)

WOOF, wanna know the TOP 5 things to do with your dog in Singapore? What’s the dog culture like in Singapore? Sniff out the buttocks of my Singaporean crush Little Coco Beans to find out the top dog-friendly activities in Singapore!


Coco’s TOP 5 Things to do in Singapore with a DOG

#1 Take a stroll in the gardens

Singapore has many beautiful parks and gardens. Whenever the weather is good over the weekend, a walk around the gardens early in the morning is therapeutic. It’s a great way for pawrents to relax and spend lovely moments with their furry loved ones.

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#2 Island Hop

Singapore is a small island surrounded by many small islands. Pawrents can bring their dog on island hopping trips to Sentosa, Saint John’s Island, Kusu Island or Lazarus Island. Some of these islands are adorned with beautiful and pristine beaches with white sand. The ferry ride is around 1 hr for St John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Lazarus Island. To get to Sentosa, you can drive across the bridge or take a slow walk across the bridge linking the mainland and Sentosa.

#3 Cafe Hop

Since the favorite pastime for most Singaporeans is dining out, it explains why Singapore has no shortage of eateries. You can find delicious food from different cultures everywhere in Singapore. Again, one of the best areas to dine with a dog is Robertson Quay and Dempsey Hill.

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#4 Cruise with your dog at the Royal Albatross

Pawrents can sign their dogs up for a pet cruise! Dogs will be served a curated 3-course fine dining meal while humans can enjoy a choice of a 4 or 7-course dinner out at sea overseeing the horizon and sunset. This cruise takes about 2 hours, and there is no better way to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Photos are a MUST!

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#5 Go on a Sidecar Heritage Tour

For dogs around 5 kg (11 lbs) or less, they can go on a sidecar heritage tour with their pawrents! They will be driven around on a vintage Vespa sidecar, and get to tour various Singapore Heritage sites such as Joo Chiat, Katong, or Arab Street. That is a unique dog-friendly way to experience all the different cultures Singapore offers.

Watch Coco ride the sidecar and hit up the beach:

A BARK OF CAUTION: As some dogs love to stick their head out of the cars, please ensure they are properly strapped in.

Dog Culture in Singapore

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According to Coco’s pawrent and hooman slave Helen, the best part of having a dog in Singapore is the close-knit community with accessible veterinary care and facilities (although expensive). On the other paw, one of the biggest challenges is the lack of acceptance of dogs as part of the family by Singaporean society. Having a dog often means cutting down on visits to the malls and indoor dining – places that prohibit dogs. Such activities would then be replaced by dog-friendly activities like al fresco dining and online shopping.

Coco’s favorite dog-friendly parks in Singapore are Gardens by the Bay and Botanic Gardens, both close to her home and conveniently located to dog-friendly eateries. There are also dog parks in the area that they haven’t explored since Coco doesn’t like to play with other dogs.

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Singapore only has two seasons a year – HOT and HOTTER! The humidity is also very high. Unfortunately, not many cafes and restaurants allow dogs to dine indoor with air conditioning. And, those that allow pets at their cafes/restaurants require a pet license before allowing dogs onsite – whether indoor or outdoor.

Coco & Helen have broken down the three broad categories of dog-friendly cafes/restaurants:

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Dog Cafes: Dog pawrents can dine comfortably indoors with air conditioning while their dogs can walk around and socialize with other dogs in the cafe. Essentially, it’s a big indoor playground for dogs. Dogs can also explore inside the cafe and even order off a Dog or Pet Menu!

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Where to go: Wooftopia, Menage, SunRay, TWO X FOUR, and INU Cafe & Boutique

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Pet-friendly Indoor Cafes/Restaurants: Both dog pawrents and dogs can dine comfortably indoors with air conditioning, but dogs are not allowed to wander inside or play with other dogs. These establishments cater mainly to humans, but welcome pawrents to bring along their dogs. Sadly, there aren’t many dog-friendly indoor cafes/restaurants in Singapore. 🙁

Where to go: Cafe De Nicole & Under the Linden, which is Helen and Coco’s favorite due to its beautiful ambiance, Instagrammable food, and floral arrangements. Tomahawk is a fine dining Western-style restaurant where dogs can actually dine INDOORS alongside their humans; not to bark, it also serves pretty good steaks!

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Pet-friendly Outdoor Cafes/Restaurants: Dog pawrents are welcome to dine with their dogs outside only (al fresco seating). With the hot weather and high humidity in Singapore, the dining experience is not as enjoyable as in other countries with a cooler climate. Helen always brings a portable mini fan for Coco as she cannot imagine the heat she’s feeling in her natural fur coat.

Where to go: Robertson Quay, Dempsey, and Sentosa Cove – Coco & Helen can find numerous dog-friendly outdoor cafes/restaurants, from Dim Sum to Western to Japanese to Mexican.

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Coco’s TOP Dog-Friendly Tourist Attractions in Singapore

– Sidecar rides

– Heritage trails at Joo Chiat, Tiong Bahru, Chinatown

– Staycations: In-room dining at all the pet-friendly hotels

– Dog Cruise onboard the Royal Albatross (Wednesday nights only)

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– Island Hopping to St John’s Island, Kusu Island, and Lazarus Island

– Gardens by the Bay, Botanic Gardens, Marina Barrage

– Green Corridor

– Hort Park

– Sentosa beaches

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Hailing from Singapore, Little Coco Beans is a 3.2-kg (7 lb.) Toy Poodle was adopted at the age of one by her hooman slave(s) Helen (and her husband). Not much background of Coco’s past is known, but it’s safe to bark that she is living the princess life on the island. She is so spoiled that she shares a bed with her hoomans, has her own food compartment in the fridge, and even her own little wardrobe in the study room!

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Coco is also an expert eavesdropper – whenever she hears Helen and her husband going out, she instantly switches from sleepy mode to super hyper mode. Plus, she is supaw smart – she can also tell when it’s time to galavant over the weekends solely based on what clothes Helen is wearing! Both Helen and her husband grew up with dogs but didn’t get Coco until their daughter (who wanted to add a dog to the family) completed her overseas studies.

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Her favorite things to do in this world are cafe hopping, shopping at the mall, riding in cars, and eating mouthwatering treats and food. On the other paw, what Coco hates (or is afraid of) the most are INSECTS, the groomer, and the vet (understandably so). Unfortunately, arf-ter being chased around by some big friendly dogs at a dog cafe, she became fearful around most dogs – whether big or small. 🙁

Most impawtantly, Coco is a furry world traveler and has already sniffed out 5 countries in Europe! Sniff out her wet nose escapade in Europe below:

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Dog Culture in Europe vs. Singapore

Based on what Coco and Helen experienced and saw, the dog culture between these two countries is quite disparate. Unlike Europe where dogs generally enjoy freedom in malls, parks, and public transportation, Singapore’s approach is different; most of the malls and public transport are not dog-friendly unless otherwise stated. Because the public transport system in Singapore is not dog-friendly, those who do not own a car will have to arrange a special cab/taxi, which can be double the price of a normal cab/taxi fare.

Most shopping malls and boutiques in Singapore are also not dog-friendly, except a paw-ful like Apple Stores, Star Vista, and Vivocity. Yet these pet-friendly malls (except Star Vista) and boutiques only allow dogs if they are in a carrier (i.e., no paws on the ground). Therefore, Helen opts to do her shopping mostly online since there are very few malls she can go with Coco.

TOP 5 Things to do with Your Dog in Singapore - Wet Nose Escapades (12)

Nonetheless, she does want to credit Capitaland (one of Asia’s largest real estate groups) for making some of their malls dog-friendly. As the Singapore retail scene matures and recognizes the fact that many families want to bond with their furkids, there is hope that more shopping centers will become inclusive and dog-friendly, which would bring in additional revenue. With the increased number of dog pawrents in Singapore, depriving them of bringing their dog to malls, cafes, and restaurants would mean a drop in revenue. Many Singaporeans like Helen would bypass them to support businesses that allow furkids.

TOP 5 Things to do with Your Dog in Singapore - Wet Nose Escapades (13)

ARRRFF, a special bark of THANKS to Coco & Helen for sharing their Top 5 Things to do with Your Dog in Singapore along with their pawtastic dog-friendly Singaporean life with us. Can’t get enough of Coco? Be sure to sniff out her feature on “Taking Your Dog to Europe from Singapore” and follow her cutesy paw prints on IG.

Markin’ it up,

Roger Wellington a.k.a. The Doob

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Where can I take my dog on a rainy day? ›

If there's one available in your area, an indoor dog park is the ideal place to have fun with your dog on rainy days. Not only do these parks provide a dry place for both of you to unwind, they also tend to provide toys or play equipment for you and your best buddy to use.

Where can I take my dog in Singapore? ›

7 best dog-friendly activities in Singapore
  • Dog cruise | Royal Albatross. Source: Royal Albatross Dog Cruise. ...
  • Yoga | Puppy Yoga. Source: Puppy Yoga. ...
  • Dog Swimming | Sunny Heights. ...
  • Dog cafe | Menage Cafe. ...
  • Staycation | Intercontinental Hotel. ...
  • Art Jamming | TWO X FOUR Dog Cafe. ...
  • Kayaking | Sentosa's Tanjong Beach.
20 Aug 2021

Is Singapore good for dogs? ›

Singapore is a dog-friendly city, and there is so much to do with your pooch in the city. The city has lots of open spaces to take your dog out walking, a variety of pet-friendly activities, and plenty of dog-friendly cafés and restaurants.

Where can I walk my dog in Singapore? ›

6 dog-friendly parks and nature trails in Singapore
  • Jurong Lake Gardens. More than a people's garden, Jurong Lake Gardens is a paradise of greenery for you and furry friends. ...
  • West Coast Park. View this post on Instagram. ...
  • Coney Island Park. View this post on Instagram. ...
  • East Coast Park. ...
  • The Green Corridor. ...
  • Zhenghua Nature Park.
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Do dogs get bored at home all day? ›

So, do dogs get bored? Absolutely! Doggy boredom can lead to problem behaviors, but more importantly an unhappy dog. Read on to learn the signs of boredom and tons of tips for making sure your dog is getting all the stimulation he needs.

Is it OK to walk my dog in the rain? ›

There's no rule that says you absolutely must take your dog on her normal walk when the weather is bad. Shortening your usual walk time is perfectly acceptable during rainy weather as it will help limit the amount of risks your pal is exposed to.

Can I bring my dog to the Singapore Zoo? ›

No pets or plants allowed

Pets and plants are not permitted as they may affect our animals' health and safety.

Can I bring pets on MRT Singapore? ›

Pets are not allowed on the buses and MRT, and not all taxi drivers will accept animals in their cabs.

Are pets allowed in taxi Singapore? ›

Unfortunately, buses and trains in Singapore do not allow pets onboard. So, pet parents without cars would have to take a taxi. But even then, many taxi drivers either do not take passengers with pets or are unwelcoming of them. It is a lot of harder if you have big dogs or more than one pet.

Can dogs go Macritchie? ›

Absolutely! It's a long walk in and out though, almost 3 hours back and forth, so be sure your dog has the stamina, and be sure to bring along water and a bowl for your dog to drink from. Otherwise, you can always just take a 30min walk in and leave after, it will still be a fun hike!

Can dogs go to Marina Barrage? ›

Yes, pets are allowed in the outdoor areas, with the exception of the Water Playground. Owners are to ensure that their pets are leashed at all times and are also required to clean up after their pets.

Are dogs allowed in parks in Singapore? ›

You'll be glad to know that there are more dog-friendly outdoor spaces here than you might have realised. Dog parks, runs and other green spaces are scattered across the island, so head out and explore some of these with your hound!

Can I have 4 dogs in Singapore? ›

Dogs. If you are a private property owner (such as the owner of a condominium unit), you are allowed to keep up to 3 pet dogs.

What is Singapore special dog? ›

The Singapore Special, sometimes referred to as mongrels, descended from free-breeding village or kampong/farm dogs. Belonging to the larger group of dogs that aren't pets, village dogs are the closest living things to the dogs that first emerged thousands of years ago.

Why are dogs so expensive in Singapore? ›

In Singapore, animal ownership has been on the rise, due in part to travel restrictions and work-from-home measures. This has resulted in paws-perous business for pet shops and breeders in the country. And as demand increased, so did prices.

How do I tell if my dog is happy? ›

Relaxed or Wiggly Body and Tail

When a dog is happy, their whole body and tail will look relaxed, and they quite often wiggle! A happy dog's whole body can wag along with their tail. A wriggling dog showing you their belly is likely to be a very happy and comfortable dog.

How can I tell if my dog is bored? ›

Ten Signs That Your Dog Is Bored
  • Chewing. It doesn't matter how many toys Fido has at his disposal. ...
  • Digging. ...
  • Over excitement. ...
  • Excessive licking. ...
  • Escaping and running away. ...
  • Pacing. ...
  • Panting without physical exertion. ...
  • Scratching without physical explanation.
1 Mar 2018

Do dogs like to sleep with you? ›

Once you bring a dog into your home, you become part of their pack. They enjoy sleeping with you because it makes them feel safe and comfortable. Sleeping together gives dogs an emotional connection to their owners. Dogs feel love and gratitude towards you, just like you feel towards them.

How many times a day should a dog be walked? ›

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog? We recommend that you walk your pooch, on average, 3 to 4 times a day for about 15 minutes.

Should I dry my dog after rain? ›

Keep Their Fur Dry

But rubbing them dry with a towel after outdoor adventures in the rain or muck is always a good idea. Some pampered pooches prefer the blow dryer, but few dogs can resist a brisk rubdown. Plus, when fur is left damp, it provides an excellent environment for: Molds.

Why do dogs skip when they walk? ›

The most common cause of this strange behaviour is a slipping or dislocating of the patella, or kneecap, best known as a luxating patella, or patella luxation.

Are pets allowed in bus Singapore? ›

Animals are not allowed on board our buses and trains due to hygiene and religious reasons. But guide dogs accompanying visually handicapped commuters are allowed.

What if it rains at Singapore Zoo? ›

Try and avoid visiting during the rainy season or else animals will take cover and you'll miss out on many exhibits. That's because the animals are housed in a hidden area separate from the public display areas. You will surely be disappointed if you visit and miss seeing the big cats up close.

Can pets go to River Safari? ›

Pets & Plants: Guests are not allowed to bring their pets or plants along with them. Recreational Transportation: Means of recreational transportation like rollerblades and tricycles are not allowed inside the park.

Are pets allowed in grab Singapore? ›

All household pets approved by the Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore are allowed on GrabPet (except birds). All pets must be accompanied by human passengers. Pets with parasites and/or fleas are strictly not allowed.

Is dog allowed on bus? ›

Pets placed inside a carrier or cage must be beside the passenger-owner and must pay the corresponding fare in an amount the same as that of the paying passenger per seat occupied.

Can you bring pets on LRT? ›

Passengers can now bring their pets while on board the Metro Rail Transit-3 (MRT-3) without extra fare as long as they follow strict guidelines. In Tina Panganiban Perez's report on "24 Oras," Maymay, an aspin (asong Pinoy), went viral on social media after the puppy had his first ride in the metro railway.

Can I bring pet in grab? ›

Your pet should be on our list of permitted pets. Make sure your pet is restrained in a carrier or on a leash. The passenger should provide muzzles and leashes. Prepare newspapers or plastic sheets to line the chairs or the floor as a responsible pet owner in case your pet makes a mess.

Can Gojek accept pets? ›

Gojek does not have option for riders with pets

It advises pet owners to let the driver know about their pets via the app's chat function, and said it will match riders with other drivers if the first driver cancels. Grab, on the other hand, has a dedicated ride-hailing option for pet owners.

Can you grab with pets? ›

Your pet should be part of our list of allowed animals. Ensure that your pet is in a carrier or leash. Muzzles and leashes should be provided by the passenger. Be a responsible pet owner, prepare newspapers or plastic sheets to line the seats or floor in case your pet makes a mess.

What to do when it's raining and your dog needs to pee? ›

Recap of the tips and tricks to get your dog to potty outside in the rain:
  1. Acclimate your dog to being wet and having wet paws.
  2. Use a large umbrella to keep you both dry.
  3. Train your dog to potty on cue.
  4. Get a dog raincoat and/or dog rain boots.
  5. Have fun in the rain WITH your dog.
  6. Use Doggie Lawn.
  7. Take a walk with your dog.

How can I exercise my dog in bad weather? ›

These are eight ways to exercise with your dog when it's too cold to go outside.
  1. Have Fetch Races. ...
  2. March Up & Down the Stairs. ...
  3. Squat, Tease, Leap. ...
  4. Host a DIY Doggy Olympics. ...
  5. Get Centered with Doga. ...
  6. Take Turns on the Treadmill. ...
  7. Train Your Dog to Run On or Off a Leash. ...
  8. Visit an Indoor Pet Center.
20 Dec 2020

How long can a dog hold its pee? ›

Young dog can hold their pee for up to 10-12 hour if needed, but that doesn't mean that they should. The average adult dog should be allowed to relieve itself at least 3-5 times per day. That's at least once every 8 hours.

How long can a dog hold their poop? ›

Most healthy, adult dogs will readily go to the bathroom an hour or so after a meal. They can, however, hold their stool much longer if necessary. In fact, for the most part, a healthy adult dog can hold their stool for 12 hours or more. If you get stuck in traffic or at the office, your dog could be OK.

Should I dry my dog after rain? ›

Keep Their Fur Dry

But rubbing them dry with a towel after outdoor adventures in the rain or muck is always a good idea. Some pampered pooches prefer the blow dryer, but few dogs can resist a brisk rubdown. Plus, when fur is left damp, it provides an excellent environment for: Molds.

Can I take my dog to the Eden Project? ›

Dogs can enjoy miles of outdoor paths at Eden, but unfortunately we can't allow them in the Biomes or other undercover areas, apart from the Visitor Centre (including the ticketing hall and shop), the Core and the Stage.

Can you take dogs to Hangloose? ›

Hangloose Adventure

They are one of the UK's top adrenaline adventure activity providers including the world-famous Zip-wire over the Eden Project Biomes. Dogs can be on site and kept on a lead while their owners take turns on the activities!

Can dogs go to hawkers Cove? ›

A short walk along the coast path out of town leads to Hawkers Cove and adjoining Harbour Cove which both have no dog restrictions throughout the year, and slightly further out of town are the pet-friendly beaches of Treyarnon Bay, Daymer Bay, Constantine Bay, and Harlyn Bay.

How do you tire out a puppy mentally? ›

How to Tire Out a Crazy Puppy Who's Too Young to Go Outside
  1. Find a Puppy Socialization Program.
  2. Have a Puppy Meet Up.
  3. Play Fetch on an Incline.
  4. Pick Up a Few Brain Stimulating Toys.
  5. Play Some Puppy Mind Games.
  6. Take Daily Trips to the Dog Park.
  7. Go to the Beach.
  8. Get In Some All Day Play.
3 Apr 2018

Does sniffing tire a dog out? ›

Sniffing Can Make Your Dog Feel More Tired

This means a shorter sniffy walk can tire them out and they will generally be more relaxed and less likely to exhibit destructive or mischievous behavior when at home.

Should I walk my dog when its cold? ›

Most healthy, medium or large dogs with thick coats can take a 30 minute walk when temperatures are above 20°. Small dogs or dogs with thin coats start to become uncomfortable in temperatures below 45°. Consider limiting walks to 15 minutes for these dogs when temps fall below freezing.

Why is my dog tired on rainy days? ›

Although it is true that dogs can often tell when there are changes made to their routine, it is more likely that dogs feel more drowsy because of the rain naturally. The soothing sounds of the rain, cozy atmosphere, lower oxygen levels, and higher negative ion levels make dogs calm and drowsy.

How do you entertain an active dog? ›

For dogs:
  1. Use a snuffle mat for offering treats or dry food or stuff a puzzle toy with yummy food like plain yogurt, peanut butter or their meal for a fun and delicious challenge that will keep your dog busy and mentally stimulated. ...
  2. Set up a scavenger hunt so your pup can put their powerful nose to work.
23 Apr 2020


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