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Some dogs are known to be easy-going, relaxed, and extremely playful. Others? Not so much. Some dog breeds are downright stubborn — it’s their world and you’re just living in it! Does that sound like your dog?

Check out the top 10 most stubborn dog breeds!

10. Beagle


  • 10. Beagle
  • 9. English Bulldog
  • 8. Dachshund
  • 7. Jack Russell Terrier
  • 6. Rottweiler
  • 5. Dogo Argentino
  • 4. Chinese Shar Pei
  • 3. Afghan Hound
  • 2. Scottish Terrier
  • 1. Weimaraner

Beagles are very independent pups. If you leave them alone, no matter where they are, they will find some kind of fun (or naughty activity) to get into! Owners of this stubborn breed could find themselves in trouble if they aren’t careful!

A stubborn dog isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It just means that they are set in their ways, have a big personality, and aren’t afraid to show it! I think I know a few humans like that as well…do you? On to the next most stubborn dog breed around — have you seen yours on the list yet?

9. English Bulldog

This adorable and wrinkly dog is known to be very intelligent. English Bulldogs can be a bit misunderstood at times — they can appear to be a bit aloof or dismissive if they aren’t handled correctly by the owner. Don’t be surprised if they blatantly ignore you if they don’t feel respected.

Did you know the actual definition of “stubborn” is: having or showing dogged determination not to change one’s attitude or position on something, especially in spite of good arguments or reasons to do so.

Some dogs are just set in their ways — but of course, we love and adore them anyway! On to the next stubborn breed.

8. Dachshund

Don’t underestimate this dog just because of their tiny size! Dachshunds can definitely stand their ground and have no problem confronting a dog much bigger than they are. It won’t deter them from getting their point across one bit.

Just because your dog might be stubborn — doesn’t mean that they aren’t able to be trained or learn new skills. The relationship you have with your dog should be all about respect. If you give it — it will be returned to you.

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds - The Dog Lady (1)

Proper training and obedience skills just take patience and time. Just like everything in life — practice makes perfect! Who’s next on your stubborn doggy list?

7. Jack Russell Terrier

This is another tiny dog that has a giant personality. Even though they can be a bit mischievous at times — they are extremely intelligent and high energy. If a respected owner/dog relationship isn’t established with these pups — you might have a battle of wills on your hands!

It’s not just the little dogs that are considered to be a bit headstrong. Continue to see who’s next!

Being stubborn can actually be quite an asset. Having this character trait means that you can persevere through just about anything, you aren’t deterred by what most would consider impossible, and you know exactly what you want!

It’s certainly not a negative trait to inherit — it can actually be quite beneficial at times. Who do you think is next on our stubborn dog breed list?

6. Rottweiler

Despite their tough look — Rottweilers are actually wonderful family dogs. They are loyal, alert, and courageous. However, due to their leadership tendencies, it’s important to make sure they are fully trained. If not, you’ll find that you’re being commanded by them!

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds - The Dog Lady (2)

Haven’t you seen your dog on the list yet? We’re not done! Continue to see the top 5 most stubborn dog breeds around.

A stubborn dog loves to live life on their own terms. They also love being in charge — remember, training a stubborn dog doesn’t mean that you have to make them relinquish these wonderful traits. It just gets you both on the same page.

Have you ever had to deal with a hard-headed dog before? It can be frustrating but once you lay down the law — they’re generally happy to obey your commands. Let’s see who’s up next.

5. Dogo Argentino

This gorgeous giant, also known as an Argentinian Mastiff, is going to need a firm hand to train them. They also need lots of exercises to make sure they don’t find themselves on the naughty list. Left to their own devices — they’ll happily find their own amusement.

We’re making our way down the list quickly! Keep going to the next page to see the most stubborn pups on the planet.

Short and frequent training sessions will be the surefire way to handle your stubborn dog. Make sure you’re rewarding them with treats they absolutely love (not just “like”) to keep them interested in what you’re teaching them.

Reinforcing positive behavior with your stubborn dog is a great way to get them to obey your commands. Remember — they are teachable!

4. Chinese Shar Pei

This absolutely stunning ancient dog breed is most certainly one of the most independent dogs you could possibly find. With enough respect established — they will be loyal to the end. But, you will certainly have to earn that loyalty.

The 10 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds - The Dog Lady (3)

We’re down to the top 3 most stubborn dog breeds! Any guesses as to which breeds are topping the list? Continue to find out!

Did you know a solid training program for your dog could take up to two years to establish? Everyone in the household will need to participate in whatever training program you have put in place for your dog. That way — everyone is on the same page.

Everyone in the household should use the same words and commands to keep the training consistent and organized. Saying their “stubborn”’ and won’t learn is just an excuse!

3. Afghan Hound

This breed is rumored to be even more ancient than the Shar Pei — maybe that’s why they’re known to be so stubborn, they’ve been around forever! They will require an owner that’s willing to dedicated time to establishing good behavior.

We’ve got two more breeds on the list! Continue to finish up!

Positive reinforcement doesn’t always have to come in the form of treats while you’re training. Simple praise is also a great tool! Using a happy and excited voice when they’ve accomplished a task will register in their mind that they’ve done something good!

Taking them for a walk immediately after a good behavior will also let them know that they’ve completed a job well done. They are very good at making these associations.

2. Scottish Terrier

This regal looking breed is extremely loyal to their owner. They’d prefer to only associate with people in their tight inner circle. The person who they bond closest with will need to maintain a leadership role with this breed over this very independent breed.

Drum roll please…the more stubborn dog breed is… Just continue on to find out who has taken the cake!

If you’ve found that you own one of these particularly stubborn breeds — you should take extreme pride in that! You are the owner of one of the most intelligent, loyal, and independent breeds that exist.

We’ve reached the end of our list and which breed has made the #1 spot for stubborn dogs? They’ve definitely earned the title and any owners of this breed will know exactly what we’re talking about.

1. Weimaraner

Talk about intelligence — this dog is one of the smartest dogs out there. They are also very independent and will get into trouble if not supervised. They will require an owner that is just as quick-witted as they are to keep up with them!

There you have it folks! The top 10 most stubborn dogs. If you know someone with a stubborn dog, please share and let us know in the comments!

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