Providenciales Snorkeling Charters and Cruises (2023)

Providenciales Snorkeling Charters and Cruises (1)

Snorkeling on a Providenciales reef.

Snorkeling Charters

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A snorkeling boat trip typically offers a much better underwater experience than a visit to one of the popular shore snorkeling sites does. Due to the diverse, sites, routes, and boat captains, there is of course a large variance in snorkeling cruises. Snorkeling cruises offered by dive companies typically visit the best sites. If conditions are windy, we recommend waiting for the weather to calm down if your stay allows for it.

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Colorful reef fish off of Providenciales.

The Turks and Caicos offers miles of pristine barrier reefs and walls, and a snorkeling boat charter can be an unforgettable way to experience them.

Snorkeling cruises operating from Grace Bay, The Bight, and Turtle Cove typically visit the barrier reef and sites to the north and northeast of Providenciales. The travel times to these locations are usually between 10 and 30 minutes.

Excursion duration is usually either one third, half, or full day. One-third and half-day cruises typically include drinks and snacks, and full-day, lunch.

A snorkel charter at Leeward Cut Reef, Providenciales.

Snorkeling charters can be similar to Island Hopping and Beach BBQ Boat Charters (which typically offer snorkeling), but the difference is the greater emphasis on snorkeling vs. simply visiting secluded beaches.

Tours will vary in location and overall experience. Dive companies tend to offer better dedicated snorkeling cruises, with excursions south to West Caicos and the Caicos Banks usually offering the most to see.

Snorkel gear is almost always provided free of charge, but may be a bit lacking in quality on the multi-attraction boat cruises. Bring your own gear if you have it.

Advantages of Snorkeling Cruise over Snorkeling from the Shore

Snorkeling at the cliffs of West Caicos.

When compared to the shore snorkeling spots in the Bight and Grace Bay, a good boat excursion should offer better visibility, more impressive coral and geological formations, and a greater chance of seeing the larger sea animals such as sharks, dolphins, and eagle rays.

If you just want to see colorful reef fish, small sea creatures and a few stingrays and sea turtles, the free-to-access Smith's Reef and The Bight Reef (Coral Gardens) are probably the better choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that your snorkeling cruise experience is largely dependent on where you go, ocean conditions, and your captain. Some cruises only stop at sites that are the same sites that you can access from the beach.

Private Snorkeling Charters

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If you’re looking for a bit more tranquility, a private charter can be the perfect choice. On such an excursion, you’ll be able to spend the day how you’d like, and not according to someone else’s schedule.

Coral, fish and anemones at West Caicos.

A custom charter also opens the possibility of visiting cays and locations that are a bit too far out for common cruises. An example is the southwest side of West Caicos and the West Caicos Marine National Park. This exquisite coastline features some of the best underwater visibility around, cliff jumping sites, and even the Victorian-era ruins of Yankee Town to explore. This coast is renowned for its beautiful scuba diving sites. The marine cliff here, where the ocean depth abruptly drops from 50 feet (15 m) into the thousands, is one of the finest wall diving locations in the region.

French Cay is another interesting location. This tiny round island is a single speck of ground on the remote southern Caicos Banks. Designated as a wildlife sanctuary, the birdlife here is vibrant, and the waters around the cay are teeming with conch, shells, stingrays and nurse sharks.

The exquisite water of the Caicos Barrier Reef.

A private tour can also make sense for larger families and groups, as the per-person rates will be comparable to the shared and regularly-scheduled trips.

Humpback Whale Watching

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During the winter months, there’s an opportunity for an amazing and unforgettable experience–snorkeling with migrating humpback whales.

Due to the greater distance to the feasible whale watching locations as well as the unpredictability of sightings, booking a private boat tour is the only option for this activity.

Snorkeling Charters

Moana Charters Moana Charters is a luxury private day charter company, based in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Discover amazing beaches, uninhabited cays, beautiful reefs, and much more. Choose from sporty Axopar day yachts, or a spacious and luxurious Windy yacht with air-conditioned cabin. Learn More Mako Watersports Mako Watersports is a jet ski, SUP eco-tour, and wakesports rental company located in the picturesque Leeward area of Providenciales. Visit amazing beaches, incredible turquoise waters, mangrove wetlands, the La Famille Express Shipwreck or embark on a private water sports boat charter. Learn More Turks Ventures Turks Ventures is a small eco-tour, water sports, and boat charter based on Providenciales, with a focus on fun and interesting tours to many beautiful locations in the Turks and Caicos. Excursions include an economical water taxi service to Half Moon Bay, Little Water Cay, and the floating bars. Learn More Okeanos Charters Okeanos Charters is a private luxury charter, with custom adventures to the beautiful beaches, cays, and reefs that surround the Turks and Caicos. Discover paradise at your own pace. Learn More Rising Tide Tours Rising Tide Tours features guided kayak and paddleboard eco adventures to the mangrove wetlands and estuaries near Providenciales. Experience breathtaking crystal-clear water and see fish, birds, sharks, iguanas, turtles, conch, starfish, and much more. Learn More Big Blue Collective As the country's leading eco-adventure company, snorkeling has always been fundamental to the Big Blue experience for over 25 years. There are several unique excursions to choose from, including their epic Edge of the Banks snorkeling safari and their half day snorkel tours. Learn More Lady Grace Lady Grace is a beautiful and spacious sailing catamaran, and offers stability, comfort, and an excellent complement of amenities. Choose from a public half day reef snorkel and beach adventure, or design your own private sail. Tours include complimentary refreshments and a picnic lunch. Learn More Hydro Charters Hydro Charters offers fun and exciting jet ski tours and rentals. Discover hidden beaches, the La Famille Express shipwreck, picturesque lagoons, and the turquoise waters that make the Turks and Caicos famous. Learn More Island Adventure TCI Island Adventure TCI is a small and locally-owned eco-tour company that specializes in clear kayak wetland tours and private boat charters. Excursions are family-friendly, and are great for experiencing the natural beauty of the Turks and Caicos. Learn More Ocean Outback Adventures Ocean Outback Adventures offers fun cruises on western Providenciales on a comfortable and stable 40' catamaran that has a slide, trampoline, swing, and jumping board. Complimentary drinks, rum punch, and snacks. Exciting for all ages! Learn More Jedi Kite Jedi Kite offers snorkeling trips on our vast barrier reef. On rougher days, or for those who don’t feel quite as comfortable in deep water, there are some great sheltered and beginner-friendly spots as well. Jedi Kite has top end gear and experienced guides, who have extensive knowledge of the marine environment and its inhabitants. Learn More Grand Slam Fishing Charters Grand Slam Fishing Charters has been chasing game fish in the Turks and Caicos for more than 20 years. Catch wahoo, mahi-mahi, tuna, marlin, snapper, grouper, and more with the pros. Fishing, snorkeling, and beach cruising charters are also available, and are fun for all ages. Learn More Sail Beluga Explore the spectacular reefs and beaches of the Turks and Caicos on a custom and private sailing charter with on the Beluga. Visit the beautiful reefs near Providenciales, Grace Bay, Little Water Cay, Water Cay, Pine Cay, and Fort George Cay. A truly unique sailing and snorkeling adventure. Learn More Ocean Frontiers Visit the remote and pristine reefs of the Turks and Caicos with Ocean Frontiers. Captain Ernesto brings over 30 years of experience, and will ensure that your custom adventure is exceptional. Discover breath-taking reefs, cays, and beaches, all at a great price. Learn More Sahara Adventures Discover the Turks and Caicos with Sahara Adventures, a small boat charter company that specializes in private trips and water sports that include sea scooter snorkeling, tubing, and more. Tours may visit the beaches in the Caicos Cays, the barrier reef, Pirate's Cove, and more. Learn More Dive Provo Dive Provo offers two dedicated snorkeling trips. The half day south side excursion visit the reefs of West Caicos, French Cay and Molasses Reef and is an excellent choice for avid adventurer. The three-hour northern barrier reef tour visits two sites off either Grace Bay or Little Water Cay. Learn More
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