Petsafe Dog Door Replacement Flap (2023)

If your pet door is looking worn-out, a Petsafe dog door replacement flap can give it a fresh new look. This soft, tinted flap features magnetic closure and is easy to install for added convenience.

PetSafe door models that fit this door include: Extreme Weather Pet Door, Wall Entry Pet Door, Sliding Glass Pet Door and Freedom Patio Panel Door.


If your pet door uses a flap, chances are you’ll need to replace the flap at some point. Moore Pet Supplies offers an impressive selection of durable replacement dog door flaps that can withstand weather elements and keep your pets secure and contented.

These replacement flaps are made from soft smoked vinyl and designed to offer maximum energy efficiency while helping your pet remain secure from harsh weather conditions, drafts, insects and driving rain. They come in various sizes so you can pick the one best suited to your home and pets.

To determine what size flap you require for your pet door, you will need to know its model number. You can find this information on each product page for each pet door.

Flaps can be an excellent way to insulate your home and enhance the performance of your pet door, but they also pose a potential danger if your pet gets caught between the flap and frame of your pet door. That is why using a flexible flap instead of rigid one is recommended.

Rigid flaps can pinch your pet, leading to serious injuries if they go through the flap just a little bit and then pull back suddenly. Furthermore, rigid flaps lack bendability, making them more vulnerable to rips or tears that could harm your pet in the process.

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To make your pet door even more durable, add weatherstripping around the edge of the panel. This will shield your pup from harsh winter temperatures and drafty summer nights alike.

Additionally, weatherstripping prevents ice and snow accumulation that could obstruct your pet’s outdoor access. You can purchase additional weatherstripping in various colors to match the exterior decor of your home.

Maintaining your dog door flaps securely will help you save money and extend their lifespan. To do this, inspect the connection points regularly and make sure all screws are tightened securely.

Easy to install

When you choose a PetSafe dog door replacement flap, you are providing your furry friend with a product that helps them enter and exit your home safely and securely. These flaps come in various sizes and are easy to install so you can start enjoying all of its advantages right away.

Single and double flaps are both available, each with their own advantages. The single flaps are slightly oversized to fit around most door openings while the double flaps boast a U-shaped design for improved energy seal for your pet.

These flaps are made from soft smoked vinyl and feature a weather-tight seal to keep your pet secure in extreme heat or cold, drafts, insects or driving rain. Plus, they’re easy to open and close for even the tiniest pets!

You can order a replacement flap for your existing pet door or upgrade to the latest model. Our petsafe flaps are compatible with all PetSafe pet doors, including the Extreme Weather Pet Door, Wall Entry Pet Door, Sliding Glass Pet Door, Freedom Patio Panel Door, Freedom Aluminum Pet Door and Plastic Pet Door.

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These flaps are an economical way to boost energy efficiency and modernize a tired pet door without breaking the bank. They come in various sizes and materials such as soft smoked vinyl or metal.

This replacement flap is easy to install and fits most single and double PetSafe doors, including wall-mounted, framed and recessed styles. Simply unscrew the screws from inside of your pet door’s frame and replace them with the new flap for a secure fit.

To determine the size you need, measure the width and height of your existing pet door opening to see which flap will fit properly. The best way to do this is by opening a door in your house that’s wide enough for your pet to enter with some room on either side, then measuring that space.

Once you have the correct measurements, use our cutting template to cut a hole for your pet door flap. Be sure to tape it securely to the door and trace it carefully so that you get an exact fit. After cutting out your template, you can begin installing your new pet door!

Easy to clean

Dog doors are heavy items of equipment and the wear and tear can take its toll over time. Fortunately, dog flaps are easily replaceable so your pet door has an extra layer of protection that will last for years to come.

To extend the life of your dog door, be on the lookout for signs of wear and tear. This includes checking for loose screws and making sure there aren’t any fluid leaks into your house.

Another tip is to ensure that you use a quality pet door rather than some low-cost knockoff. Not only will this save you money in the long run, but it also guarantees your pup’s wellbeing isn’t compromised due to subpar products.

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A high-quality dog door flap should be made from sturdy materials like flexible vinyl, metal or hard plastic. They should also be insulated to help keep cold and rain out of your home.

When selecting a flap for your pet door, color and texture should not be the only criteria. Make sure the flap has smooth surfaces that are easy to clean, as well as safety for your furry friend. Furthermore, ensure the size and orientation are correct for your opening.

One of the most crucial components of your pet door is its flap, so ensure it remains in optimal condition at all times. Regular inspections for wear or damage will extend its usefulness and help you steer clear of costly replacements in the future.

When selecting a pet flap, quality material that’s easy to clean and disinfect as well as resistant to scratches should be the top factors to consider. When making your selection of an ideal flap for your pup, these qualities should always come into play.

Safe for your pet

The dog door flap is an essential component of any pet entry system. Not only does it protect your home against the elements and keep your pup warm, but also allows them to get in quickly and easily. Therefore, make sure the flap you select is durable, simple to install/maintain, and safe for your four-legged friend.

When shopping for a pet door, many people are surprised to know there are actually numerous options available. These include single and double flaps, extreme weather door flaps, as well as quick fit door options.

One popular option is a transparent pet flap. While this may be economical, there are several drawbacks to consider.

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First and foremost, pets are highly cautious and rely on their senses of smell and hearing to detect threats. Although it may be tempting to purchase a pet door that allows light through, this is not recommended as this attracts unwanted animal visitors as well as acting as a beacon to insects like flies and hornets.

Another major disadvantage of transparent flaps is their difficulty in cleaning, leading to bacteria buildup. This could have serious repercussions for your pet’s wellbeing.

Rigid flaps can pinch your pet, which is not ideal. This is especially true if they are timid or have difficulty opening doors.

Rigid pet flaps can be challenging to train your pup to use due to their rigid construction and inflexibility; flexible flaps offer more bendability.

If your pet is especially timid, consider investing in a dog door with adjustable magnets to help train them how to open and close. Some of these doors also come with low profiles which will clear the shoulders of even tall dogs, making it easier for them to open the door.

Some of these doors are made with high quality materials that will withstand constant use and abuse. For instance, one popular pet wall tunnel is constructed from an ABS composite structure and heavy-duty aluminium frame and designed to withstand walls up to 2 inches thick, as well as being compatible with most other brands of pet door.


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