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Girls Cricket Academy:When mentioning Cricket, what comes to your mind? Let me say it another way: cricket in India… Game? Sport? Nah… Religion is what we believe cricket is in India, right? I’m sure you’ll agree with me on that. Women’s cricket, on the other hand, is a blossoming flower in India. Inspired by Mithali Raj, more young people are considering cricket as a profession and enrolling themselves at academies all over the country, hoping to play for our nation one day. As a result, we’ve compiled some academies that may help you achieve your objectives.

Karnataka Institute of Cricket – Karnataka

In 1996, Mohammed Azharuddin launched the One-Stop Cricket Academy for Girls in Bangalore. Since then, the institution has worked hard to enhance the cricketing abilities of its pupils. KIOC provides everything from bowling to batting to fielding, as well as one-on-one coaching. The academy has over 40 instructors on hand to assist players with their development. KIOC is the only full-time service provider in the area, giving it an advantage over other academies. The Indian Cricket team and Karnataka team members come to teach the institute’s students from time to time, providing much-needed exposure. Students from across the world visit the institute for training. The institution provides its pupils with world-class amenities, making it a must-have. “Play for the sake of playing – there’s so much to learn!” Irfan Sait, the director, and head coach adds: “There are multiple ways in which you may do this.”

Facilities – Modern coaching equipment, audiovisual training facility, different types of pitches (cement, turf, artificial turf, and coir matting), six bowling machines, gym, fitness trainers, physiotherapist, Floodlights (for coaching after sunset), and much more.

Girls Cricket Academy - Timings, Rules, Fees, Contact Information - FancyOdds (2)

Coaching sessions – Weekend academy, Night sessions, Seven days a week academy (full year), Two sessions per day, Full day coaching program, Summer camp

Age Criteria – 5 years or above

Hostel Facility – Provided

Female Cricket Academy, Mumbai

After the Women’s World Cup in 2017, an exclusive academy for girls, the first of its kind in Mumbai, was founded. When Vishal Yadav, the founder, received hundreds of messages from all around India asking if there were any academies where females could enroll and learn cricket, he realized it was time to provide girls with a much-needed platform, and perhaps the finest way to do so was to start a cricket academy for ladies and only them. Gargi Banerji, a former Indian National player who guides the players with her great cricket coaching skills. The academy is located in the heart of Mumbai – Dadar’s Shivaji Park, which makes it easier for girls to commute as the location is well connected with the Central, Harbor, and Western lines of Mumbai. “It’s the best time to be a female sportsperson in the country. If cricket is actually your passion, go for it. We (Female Cricket) are here to support you.” says Vishal Yadav.

Coaching Session/timing – 7-9am & 4-6pm Monday to Friday

Age Criteria – 8 to 25 years

Hostel Facility – Not provided at the moment

Aryan Cricket Academy – Jaipur

Aryan Cricket Academy was founded in 2016 with the aim of delivering top cricket coaching to players so that they might realize their objectives. Aryan Rathore, the creator, is a cricket lover who for years has been passionate about providing a platform for players to display their abilities. The goal of the institute is to give girls aged four and up as well as adults access to basic and professional cricket training. The facility includes bowling, batting, fielding, personal coaching, and cricket gear assistance. The school uses contemporary coaching methods and technology to teach youngsters about cricket. “The primary purpose of the Girls Cricket Academy was to provide a platform for young females to display their abilities, nurture their cricket aspirations, and make advancements in their professional cricket careers,” notes Aryan Rathore.

Coaching Session/timing – 7.30am – 10am & 3.30pm – 6.30pm; Tuesday to Friday

Age Criteria – N/A

Hostel Facility – N/A

Twenty2yards academy – Maharashtra (Pune)

The Twenty2yards Cricket Academy is in Pune. The academy was established with the goal of providing world-class cricket coaching to beginners and experts alike. Over 9 trainers work at the academy, whose mission is to provide modern training methods for players. Mr. Surendra Bhave, a former Maharashtra Captain, and an ECB Level – III coach is one of the academy’s mentors. The facility includes washrooms, a private locker, changing room, a sitting area, parking, drinking water, and medical assistance for students.

Facilities – Bowling machine, top-grade turf, artificial pitches, covered – uncovered practice facility, and video analysis

Coaching Sessions/timing – 7am – 9am & 4pm – 6pm Tuesday to Saturday; Weekend batch & Specialized batch

Age Criteria – 7 years onward

Hostel Facility – N/A

Mehsana Cricket academy, Gujarat

In the rural region of North Gujarat, Mehsana Cricket Academy was founded with the goal of offering cricket training to individuals interested in the game. The academy trains girls, women, boys, and people with special needs. It is the objective of the facility to inspire females and young girls by empowering them. Women who are unemployed or underprivileged receive coaching for free. “As much as you can, play sports but don’t do it to compete; rather do it to inspire others,” said a member of Mehsana Academy.

Coaching Session/timing – Monday to Friday: 5pm – 7pm & Saturday & Sunday: 3pm – 5pm

Age Criteria – N/A

Hostel Facility – N/A

GS Harry Cricket Academy – Delhi

Since its inception, GS Harry Cricket Academy has concentrated on developing and enhancing youngsters through high-quality cricket coaching. The academy in Whitefield, Delhi, gives boys’ and girls’ coaching at its facility. Modern coaching methods and the use of cutting-edge technology are used by the academy to teach students skills. The academy teaches the student to be able to adopt different strategies in order to satisfy the changing and ever-increasing demands. To assist the students, a team of certified coaches and cricket trainers are engaged by the academy. In addition to batting, bowling, fielding, and wicketkeeping, the institution also helps trainees develop their leadership abilities.

Facilities – Gym, state of art technologies, and many more

Coaching Session/timing – 3-4 days a week

Age Criteria – 10 years onward

Hostel Facility – Provided

Himachal Pradesh Cricket Academy – H.P

The Himachal Pradesh Cricket Academy (HCPA) is one of a kind, and perhaps the first dedicated to females in India. The academy, which was established by Anurag Thakur in 2008, picks girls based on their performance in trials organized by them. Once chosen, girls are enrolled at local schools so that they may get equal attention to their education while playing cricket. The HCPA Dharamsala Cricket Stadium is run by Mr. Pawan Sen, a Level B coach. In the Dharamsala Cricket Stadium, training for females is provided. Sushma Verma, undoubtedly one of India’s finest cricketers, was a product of the HCPA. The stadium even has a Sushma Verma stand dedicated to her so that other women may be inspired by her and believe they can do it as well.

Facilities – State of art technologies, gym, physiotherapist, rehabilitation center, ultrasound, technique, and running analysis

Coaching Session – N/A

Age criteria – 10 – 19 years

Hostel Facility – Provided

Andhra Pradesh Academy – Andhra Pradesh

The Andhra Pradesh Cricket Women’s Academy is a cricket facility in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, affiliated with the Andhra Cricket Association. It was dedicated by India’s best players, Mithali Raj and Jhulan Goswami, who was recognized as the best ever. The focus of the JKC college ground’s Academy is on training women and preparing them for professional cricket careers. Domestic cricket matches are also held at this location. Efforts have been made to build state-of-the-art facilities at the academy, which will benefit future students.

Facilities – Modern gym, video analyst’s room, latest group equipment, and much more

Coaching session/timing – N/A

Age Criteria – N/A

Hostel Facility – Provided

Kerala Cricket association – Kerala

When it comes to sports in Kerala, cricket isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, but it is certainly not the last. Yes, Kerala has long been a football fanatics state, but the Kerala Cricket Association has given cricket fans in Kerala a much-needed cricketing venue. The Kerala Cricket Academy, located in Kottayam, Idukki, and Wayanad, is a cricket-focused education charity that provides training to girls at zonal academies. Aluva Senior College Girls’ Academy is another senior college academy for women run by the organization. Modern coaching methods and practices have been adopted by instructors at the academy.

Facilities – State of art facilities, gym, cricket gears, and much more.

Coaching Session/timing – N/A

Age criteria – Senior Category should be under 19; Junior Category under 16/ seeking admission to class IX or below

Hostel Facility – Provided

Vadodara Cricket Academy – Gujarat

Mr. Harendra Patel and Mr. Hemant M Patel launched Vadodara Cricket Academy in 2014, with the aim of finding talented young players who were enthusiastic about the game. The mission behind this collaboration was to discover brilliant young players who enjoy cricket. In 2016, the academy affiliated with Baroda Cricket Association. However, following the women’s cricket world cup in December 2017, they began training girls. A group of qualified instructors (five male and one female) is in charge of instilling discipline and cricketing expertise in players at the institute. Indian national cricket players stop by the academy from time to time to assist the students. This year, 5 VCA students were chosen for the Baroda Cricket Association’s summer camp. “All aspiring young female cricketers should just concentrate on their goals and devote their lives to practicing the sport,” asserts Harendra Patel, president of VCA.

Facilities – 5 center wickets, 2 cement wickets, 3 turf wickets, Hoko bowling machine, gym, sports equipment, backlit correction station, bowling spot counter, response time calculator, and much more.

Coaching Session /timings – 7:30am – 9:30am Weekend batch & 5:00pm – 7:00pm Regular batch (Monday to Friday)

Age Criteria – 6 years and above

Hostel Facility – Available for adult girls in the vicinity


With the focus shifted to girl cricket learning facilities many academies have come forward and have delivered great results in training girls and making their game strong. All the above mentioned are the example setting girls cricket academy in India. They are doing great work in making it easy for girls to learn and grow in this field of cricket.

Girls Cricket Academy - Timings, Rules, Fees, Contact Information - FancyOdds (12)

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